When I left my house for the gym at 4:20 AM, it was crystal clear outside.  When I left the gym to have coffee with a friend, it was crystal clear outside. When I left that meeting and drove to my office the world was enveloped in fog.

It was a dense, thick fog.  White with a slight bluish tinge.  Creamy and homogenous.  It was beautiful.

Fog can make  things look softer.  Fog can make noise sound quieter.  Today’s fog did all of that, but was absent of the cold wetness that some fog can bring.

As I write this the fog is starting to leave.  The park across the street from my office now looks more misty than foggy.  Soon my view will be clear again.  Objects in sharp focus, identifiable and measurable. The mystery of the morning gone.

I wonder if we always have to see things in crystal clarity.  Sometimes a foggy view can be a pleasant change. A change to a softer, quieter reality.

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