Riding Solo

Destination, Herrick Lake
Destination, Herrick Lake


Quiet and serene
Quiet and serene


Flowers everywhere
Flowers everywhere

Sunday morning, early Sunday morning…  before church Sunday morning.  No one  available to ride with me.  I will ride alone.

I could have stayed at home, in front of my computer… scanning, writing, learning.  That is what I used to do, but not today.  Today is a day for adventure and discovery.  My plan, to ride somewhere where my bike has never been.  My plan is to ride to Herrick Lake. About a 14 mile round trip, not too bad.

Cool breeze, crisp air, sweet smell.  But riding is hard today, harder than it has been as of late, and I’m not sure why.  The wind? My new exercise routine?  I don’t know, but it is harder.

Being on a bike is different for me than driving a car.  In a car most of the work is automatic.  I can get into a zone and into my thoughts. Riding is  active;  it sometimes feels good, and at other times it makes my muscles burn and ache.

I prefer to ride with someone.  Someone to talk to, someone to share with, someone to be with.  But, today I will ride alone.

Bluetooth earbuds fastened to my ears, iPhone placed in a handlebar holder, I’m off!  Classical music, straight ahead jazz… the music keeps me company.

14 miles, but it seems longer.  Panting, pushing, standing and pedaling. I keep moving forward.  Along the way I greet people.   An old couple hand in hand, the many joggers, a teen texting… they nod hello, and the music fills my ears, and I feel happy.

I’m  ever fonder of my bike.  Ever grateful for what it gives me.  I want to give it a name, but I can’t think of the right one.  A bead of sweat runs off the tip of my nose, and the music keeps me company.

Just ahead… now there, the little lake shines like liquid silver.  It is surrounded by green grass and trees that are still deciding if they should change colors.  And the music keeps me company.

Today I will be grateful for my bike and my music. I will celebrate that I have the ability to adapt when the ideal is unavailable.

Hey, will you ride along with me?  Close your eyes and imagine that you are gliding on a path, cool air,  crisp air, sweet smell… close your eyes and listen to the music, and let it keep you company.


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