So Long For Now

Dear readers, I just received a notice that once again something is wrong with my website and the hosting company wants me to call them ASAP. The last time I did this it cost me several thousands of dollars and weeks of grief and frustration. Now, less than a year later it looks like I’m facing the same issues again.

This blog’s main purpose was to leave a legacy for my kids and grandkids. I wanted to let them remember me in a deeper way than a few scattered memories. I wanted to leave them with some photos, some thoughts, some memories, and some of my life philosophy. I think I have done that in almost 2000 pages of material that I have written here over the last few years.

I have downloaded my blog to a PDF file and I’ll burn that file to a disc. I believe that I have said what I wanted to say, and my desire to avoid spending additional thousands of dollars and untold grief has forced the decision for me to halt this blog. At this time I don’t have plans to reinstate it, but who knows?

Thank you for reading along with me. Peace and love to you.

Dr. Mike