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img_7587My name is Mike Kuna, and I’m a physician and a psychiatrist.  I have been practicing for many years, in both private and public settings.  Much of my work is in general psychiatry, but I’m also board certified in addiction medicine and addiction psychiatry and I work helping people in their recovery from alcohol and drug addictions.

In 2015 I was a national winner of the NAMI Exemplary Psychiatrist award. I’m proud of that.

Beyond my role as a healthcare provider, I love to teach and share.  I have a YouTube channel called, Saving Savvy and a podcast called Psychiatric Secrets Revealed.

This website/blog is a vehicle for me to talk about my personal feelings/opinions and it is not meant to be a professional representation of me. Naturally, it is not intended to offer medical advice.

On a personal level, I’m married and I have 4 great kids.  I’m more of a country mouse rather than a city mouse, and enjoy being outside and surrounded by nature.  Surprisingly, for a person who makes his living talking to people, I’m rather shy and an introvert.

I have a ton of interest and I believe that you don’t have to be great at something to enjoy it.  Anyone who has heard my guitar playing will vouch for this later statement!

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