20 Characteristics of a Good Relationship-1/20 Be Silly


Dr. Mike’s 20 Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship-1/20 Be Silly!

Most humans are obsessed with relationships, and we have many different kinds.  I have been thinking  about this topic and one early morning I jotted down 20 characteristics that I feel promote a healthy relationship.

I think these points apply to all types of adult personal relationship.  Spouses, friends, relatives, and so on. I’m not talking about parent/child relationships or work relationships, although some of these points would apply there too.

I thought I would spend a little time over each point, and I reserve the right to add or subtract points as I fancy.  Interested?  Let’s get started!

A good relationship should be fun!  A good relationship should be silly!  

Think about some of the best connections that you have had in your life.  Were they always serious?  For me, I would say no.  I love relationships that allow me to be a little goofy at times.  

My goofiness may be different from yours.  For me, it may be about finding humor in something that is a bit odd or different.  For me, there are times when I want to act like a kid and do silly things.  For me, I may want to joke with the other person.  In fact, I tend to show affection by kidding. 

Life is not supposed to be all doom and gloom.  Our personal connections with others should not always be formal and business like. When you explore the light side of any relationship, you also explore your light side. When you explore the lightside of a relationship, you also discover a secret tool that can be used during tense times.

It is easy to get too serious, too self-absorbed, too “What about me?,” in relationships.  A little humor can break a deadly moment, and return balance  to your connection.

Today my goal is to find the fun in the connections around me.  Today my goal is to realize that humor is only funny when both parties think it is.  There is a difference between having fun with someone and making fun of someone.