Walking in the dark, I think. First random scattered thoughts, without theme or form. Then ideas more focused, still loose not gelled. Slowly, a greater theme emerges as I silently plod forward. The environment around me synchronizes with the milieu inside of me.

Today’s theme started to consolidate as I passed a truck stopped in the middle of Jefferson Avenue. It was out of place in the pre-dawn morning. I spied another truck out of place, then another.

As I approached the Starbucks on Chicago Avenue their reason, and my theme appeared. The last truck was stringing holiday lights in the trees, preparing for Christmas season ahead. The season was changing, change happens.

My life is not static. I am not fixed in time like the photographs that I take. The world around me is changing. I am changing. Often I have little control over either.

The lights are being strung in the trees. In a few months they will be removed. I celebrate their appearance, and I will mourn their removal. My life moves forward and I celebrate and mourn my changes simultaneously. Change like so many things is neither good nor bad, it just is.

What will change bring me today? How will I view it? Will I accept it or fight it? The only certainty is that it will occur.