Hasek's cufflinks
Hasek’s cufflinks

I don’t like buying clothes, I really don’t.  I have many reasons for this, some going all the way back to childhood.  In 6th grade I started to gain weight and my clothes became tight.  I had very few clothes and getting new items was a big deal.  I remember my mother taking me to someone’s basement who sold seconds.  I remember that person measuring me and using the word “husky.”  It was not complementary.

But, dear readers something has happened to me, I lost weight.  None of my shirts, pants or belts fit and I have been forced to do the unthinkable, buy clothes.

My early attempts have been at places like Walmart.  I liked the anonymity of the big box, but the quality was just not there.  I want things that I can wear and wear, and in the long run cheap stuff  looks worse and costs more.

I have bought somethings on-line, especially if I can get them on a super sale.  Unfortunately, I now know that a large in one brand is not a large in another brand. I have yet to acquire the ability to send things back.

This has left me with shopping at a “men’s store.”  In someways there is comfort there.  Stylish salesmen with tape measure around their necks, and a look of authority in their eyes.  The first time that I went the salesman just looked at me and knew what size I was.  Plop went a few shirts with matching ties on a counter… they actually fit!

Recently, I was lured back by a Super Clearance, Black Friday, Pre-Christmas sale.  Now, I’m not exactly sure what all of that means in money terms, but it was enough to get me to go to the store.  In addition, I had been craftily emailed a coupon worth $50.

Plop went a couple of shirts and ties on the counter.  The new salesman commented how versatile the various combos would be.  50% off on the shirts, and also some sort of clearance price.  My intellect told me that these shirts were marked up so that they could be marked down.  My gut said.. well I bought the shirts.

Since I now go to the gym almost every workday I pack my dress clothes and change into them after I shower.  To compound matters, my wife has taken to using the dry cleaner to wash and iron my shirts.  They comeback all clean and starched.  I only pay attention to them when I’m putting them on.. and so it was today with my new white shirt.

I ran on a treadmill, took a hot shower, brushed my teeth, and shaved.  Life was proceeding normally.  I took my shirt out of its bag and started to put it on.  I was met with French Cuffs.  French Cuffs are folded and secured with cufflinks.  I don’t have cufflinks, in fact the only time I use them is when I wear a tuxedo.  Translation: very rarely, and the tux rental store supplies them.

On my way to work, long French Cuffs, no cufflinks… crap!

I must have been moaning or wailing or something because my friend Tom heard me from another room and came to help.  His, “roll your sleeves up and look contemporary and casual” was  creative, but perhaps a bit too relaxed for my doctorly role.   My continued despair then brought the attention of Hasek (sp).

“Mike, do you need cufflinks?


“I have a spare pair that I can lend you.”

“Can you show me how to put them in?”

“Of course.”

As I write this I am well “cufflinked” and doctorly.

The kindness and concern of others always warms me.  Tom, with his creative solution.  Hasek (sp) with his spare pair of cufflinks (what is the chance of that?) and his willingness to “dress” me.

Today my goal is to celebrate the kind and helpful people in my life.  I will also buy a cheap pair of cufflinks on Amazon.