Making Bread With Grace

Co-breadmaker Gracie
Co-breadmaker Gracie
Bread is simple
Bread is simple

Making Bread With Gracie

Grace has been after me to make bread, as she likes the 100% whole wheat loaves that I craft.  Naturally, I think that all projects are more enjoyable when done with someone, and today Gracie is my co-baker.

There is a certain awe that I have with breadmaking.  The ingredients are simple: whole wheat flour, honey, a little salt, yeast and water.  However, the results are extraordinary.

This batch will make 5 or 6 loaves.  I always think that we will have too much, but the kids love it, and it disappears quickly.  Great by itself, or as a part of a sandwich.  So much better than the spongy stuff that we purchase in plastic bags at the grocer.

I love the chemistry that bread making teaches us.  The microbiology of yeast.  The biochemistry of gluten.  The chemical changes That happen when soggy dough is tempered by the radiant heat of an oven.

I  like the idea of breaking bread for people that I care about.  The simple act of sharing food, an act that had real significance in bygone days of famine.  An act that has equal significance in current days of plenty.

With the exception of work related eating we tend to eat with people that we care about.  This simple tradition becomes even more significant in meals where some of the food is homemade.  It takes effort to prepare food, and it takes trust to eat food that is prepared by others.  The combination, more significant than a handshake, more significant than complimentary words.

Tonight our dinner will include freshly baked 100% whole wheat bread.  That will account for at least 1 loaf.  Another loaf will be gifted to a friend, another loaf will be eaten tomorrow.  The remaining loves will find their way to the freezer, but they will likely be gone by the end of the week.

Such a simple food is bread.  So simple to make and so enjoyable to make it with someone.  So easy to eat, and so much fun to share with people that I care about.

Some people make breadmaking complicated, but it really can be simple and fun.

Some people make life complicated, but it really can be simple and fun.

I guess it is our choice.

Today my goal is to celebrate the simplicity of homemade bread, as I concentrate on continuing my life’s path along a simple course.