20 Characteristics Of A Good Relationship-Unconditional Love


In a healthy significant relationship I love unconditionally.

Love is a term that everyone thinks they understand, but it can have many different meanings.  I may love a great movie, but that is totally different than the love that I can feel towards a significant relationship.  Within any relationship there may be different kinds of love.

I know individuals who believe that love will solve all of their relationship problems.  This, of course, is not the case.  I also am aware that some people feel that love should be effortless and automatic.  Like most things of value, love requires work  and attention.

I want to love the significant relationships in my life unconditionally, and without restriction. I want the significant relationships in my life to love me unconditionally, and without restriction.  With that said, unconditional love is not a get out of jail free card.

By unconditional love I am referring to love that is not given or taken away based on conditions or expectations.  Unconditional love means that I love my relationships because they are worthy of my love based on who they are intrinsically. My love for a relationship is not contingent on a what have you done for me lately basis.

I am responsible for my behaviors and actions, and my significant relationships are responsible for theirs. It is possible for me to unconditionally love a relationship and still be upset about an action or behavior that they are displaying.  It is healthy to have an open line of communications with my relationships in which I can discuss both positive and negatives aspects of our connections.  It is necessary to work with my relationships on rough spots in our connections if I expect those connections to deepen and flourish.  

Today my goal to to unconditionally love the significant relationships in my life.