20 Characteristics Of A Good Relationship: Forgiveness

Most mistakes are trivial.

As a human, I am guaranteed to mess things up now and again. I am an imperfect creature.  I miscalculate.  I misjudged.  I plan poorly.

Even with the best intentions, things can go awry.  Sometimes my errors are trivial, and sometimes they are near catastrophic.  Sometimes my mistakes impact me, sometimes my mistakes impact my relationship, sometimes my mistakes impact the connection between me and my relationship.

If a pattern of problems occur I need be willing to admit that pattern and do my best to correct it.  If my mistakes are due to carelessness, I need to be more careful.  If my mistakes are due to errors in judgment, I need to slow down and think before I act.  I am imperfect, but I should still strive to be the best that I can be.

Some mistakes can be so significant that they overpower my connection, and end it.  

Most mistakes are trivial.  They are like an annoying swarm of gnats that distract from the true connection that I have with my relationship.

It is easy for my relationship to focus on my trivial mistakes, and to turn something small into something large.  It is easy for me to focus on my big mistakes, and turn something large into something small.  Either polarity can strain a connection to the point of breaking.

How much better it is to acknowledge my error and to genuinely ask for forgiveness.  How much better it is for my relationship to forgive.  By doing so we join together instead of pull apart.  Our connection becomes stronger, not weaker. We grow wiser.

As important it is to forgive, it is equally important to allow myself to be forgiven. As I allow myself to be forgiven, I also learn how to forgive.  Connections are dynamic,  today I may need to be forgiven, tomorrow I may need to forgive.

My goal today is to genuinely ask for forgiveness when I make a mistake.

My goal today is to try to correct my mistakes honestly and fearlessly.

My goal today is to forgive with compassion and kindness.