2 thoughts on “How I lost over 100 pounds without dieting. Episode 5 of 6: Honesty”

  1. Hello Dr. Kuna! I just saw your wife in session today and she mentioned your weight loss podcast…she thought I might be interested in what you had to say as I continue on my journey to lose 150 lbs. in 2 years time. I am currently at my first 50 lb. loss goal….yahoo! I have just binge-watched all 5 of your podcasts tonite: if I knew how to give a thumbs up, I would, but I am not that technologically savvy. I have, though, thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to you share your story. It feels good to have you do the sharing after all the years I have been a patient of yours. I appreciate you being willing to open up to us viewers and disclose personal details of your life story. I admire where you have gotten to on this particular journey and thank you for your motivation for many of us. I look forward to seeing your final podcast in this series.
    By the way, you will be sorely missed in your private practice by your regular patients, but I wish you all the best in the endeavors ahead of you. Warmly, Marilyn Carr

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