Small steps

Small changes adding up
This morning I tried another different strategy to parse a few more hairs of time away from my morning ritual. What did I do? I’m going the single serve coffee route and packaging a breakfast up the night before. It sounds like a small change, and it is that, but it is a change and I have gained more time.
I think many changes in life are like this. We all want the sweeping changes that will transform us. The magic pill diet that is effortless and quick. The machine that will give us 6 pack abs in 2 weeks. The self-help book that will give us a totally happy life. The get rich scheme that will allow us to make a million dollars from home.
We buy into these dreams because they sell us what we want. Quick fixes with little effort on our part. The reality is that most changes take time and occurs in small steps.
Today I need to remember this reality. Every step brings me closer to one small step at a time.

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