Another Rainy Day

Another rainy day. Another great excuse to stay in bed.

But how do I sustain a desired behavior? For me, the answer is reasonable consistency. When I establish a new pattern of behavior the more I do that behavior the more likely I am to do it.

It is easy for me to give in and say that I’ll do something tomorrow. However, tomorrow is always in the future.

This morning I heard the rain falling on my roof. The alarm went off at 3:40 and I hit the snooze bar once. As I laid in bed I thought about the possibility of getting an extra hour sleep, and I thought about the long workday that I was facing.

Then I thought about how I feel when I exercise. I thought about how I love to think in the quiet of the morning. I remembered how quiet times are usually the best time to connect with my inner self and my Higher Power.

I knew that my ducks were dry (they were soaked after my last rain walk) and I remembered where I put my umbrella.

Out I went into the mildly cool and damp air. Feeling alive and happy. At Starbucks, I ordered a Tall, but the barista gives me a Grande instead. Score.

In a few hours, Tom’s crew will arrive (pending weather conditions). I will welcome them, and then head off to work.

Another Monday. It is raining, I’m working a long day and I’m typing a long post on a smartphone. So why am I feeling happy? It doesn’t matter, does it?